Thursday, July 22, 2010

What's Up with Veggyhead?

I gave this URL and designed this little blog for my Daughter's 15th birthday. She liked the idea of having a website of her own to share vegetarian recipes and the angst of being a teenage vegetarian in a red meat family. At the time, she had ambitions of crafting a vibrant blog. Her description of the blog follows:

Everyone has their own story on why they became a vegetarian (or some other meat lacking diet) but I became one simply because I was sick of meat. After 11 years of feasting on Whoppers, McNuggets, and fillet Mignon, I put down the steak knife and became a veggy head, as my friends like to call it.

Now this wasn't easy news to break to my very Italian family. Oh, and my dad owns a hot dog truck. Doesn't sound like the greatest support system, eh? After a year or so of arguments and threats of starvation, my family finally came to accept my choice of diet. Now and then we even have a completely vegetarian meal, or get pizza without the pepperoni . If my family can accept my choice of diet, I'm sure yours can too.

It was an ambitious undertaking, but like many teens, her enthusiasm waned as the pressures of being an honor student and drama queen, and working at a supermarket took over the time she could spend on what she considered an "optional" activity.

So the site just sort of languished here for a couple of years-she doesn't have the blogging bug like dad, so I- the Hotdogman- have decided to resurrect the site. You may find it ironic that the Hotdogman would author a vegetarian site, but I do all the cooking in our family-vegetarian or otherwise! I'll be sharing some of my favorite recipes and funny stories about having a teenage vegetarian in the house. Ms. Veggyhead will undoubtedly make a few appearances here and there as well. She left 9 or 10 short posts in the "drafts" folder which I've activated and I'll be adding some of my goodies too!

As a new feature for the site, I am putting a different streaming Grateful Dead Show every few weeks at the top of the page for your listening pleasure (I like to listen to the Dead when I am cooking).


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